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Secure Storage Units in El Paso, TX

There are a wide range of reasons why people turn to storage units for extra space. Maybe you’re looking for a place to store your mountain bikes off-season. Maybe you inherited furniture that you want to hang on to until you have space in a larger home. Or maybe you need to store all of your belongings in an off-site location during a move or home renovation.

Whatever the reason, our team at Panda Self Storage in El Paso, TX, is here to help. Our first El Paso storage facility opened in 2011 and we have since grown to encompass multiple locations, providing climate-controlled and regular storage units to you.

Our storage units

At Panda Self Storage, we have two types of units that come in a wide range of sizes to best accommodate your storage needs. Our regular storage units and climate-controlled storage units are all clean and come with the modern locks, doors, and materials, ensuring your belongings will be secure no matter how long they’re in storage.

Regular storage units

Our affordable storage option provides you with basic storage for your belongings, perfect for items that aren’t precious or can handle temperature fluctuations. We have regular storage units that are small, medium, large, and extra-large, ranging from 50 square feet to 400 square feet to accommodate large vehicles, furniture, and equipment.

Climate-controlled storage units

Our climate-controlled storage units are designed for valuable or sensitive items to be stored during the hot El Paso, TX, summer months or the cold winter nights. These climate-controlled units keep the temperature at an ideal range for preserving photos, art, furniture, and other heat-sensitive items. The temperature in these units sits between 55 degrees and 85 degrees, keeping your belongings at a safe temperature and providing you with a comfortable environment if you need to regularly visit your storage unit.

Dedicated to customer service and quality

The goal of all Panda Self Storage locations is to provide great customer service and reliable, secure storage. Our staff has developed close relationships with the surrounding neighborhoods and all of our customers and knows each client by name. We always work with clients to help them find the right size and type of storage unit, ensuring you’re not getting a larger or more expensive unit than is necessary for your needs.

Our Locations

We offer flexible, month-to-month leasing on all of our storage units, so you can keep your items in storage as long as you need to without knowing your plans up front. We offer the best-secured units of any storage facility, with coded entry and exit gates, security cameras at all indoor units and gates, lighting in all driveways and office areas, and on-site, 24-hour management services.

Panda Self Storage East Location

Panda Self Storage Northeast Location

From our customers


Northeast Location

8911 Gateway Blvd S. El Paso, TX 79904

(915) 751-8477


East Location

2810 George Dieter, El Paso TX 79936

(915) 303-7535


Call us at (915) 303-7535 today to learn more!